Q: What is LipSense?

A: LipSense is a long lasting liquid lip color that is guaranteed to last 4-18 hours! It is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, and non-drying. It is also lead-free, wax free, gluten free, vegan, kosher, and it’s not tested on animals. LipSense is proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality control.

Q: How much does LipSense cost?

A: If you are new to LipSense you will need to purchase the Starter Kit which includes your choice of a color, the glossy gloss, and an Oops remover for $55 plus tax and shipping. After that, you may purchase individual colors for $25, or glosses for $20.

Q: Why is LipSense so pricey?

A: At first glance, LipSense may appear to be more expensive than other lipstick brands, but each tube of LipSense actually contains the same amount of product as 4 tubes of lipstick! What a bargain for such an amazing product!

Q: How do I remove my LipSense color?

A: LipSense can be removed at the end of the day using an oil based makeup remover, a Neutrogena bar soap (original unscented formula), or Castille soap.

Q: What does the Oops Remover do?

A: The Oops Remover is your mistake corrector. Use it to clean up your lip line after application, or any places where your color was accidentally applied. It can also be used on clothing!

Q: Is LipSense a lip stain?

A: No, it is not a lip stain. It is a patented formula that bonds to your lips molecularly. It is worn with a permeable Shea butter gloss which transfers through the color to hydrate lips while keeping the color on.

Q: Do I have to use a LipSense gloss? Can I use one of my own instead?

A: LipSense must be worn with our gloss for maximum hydration and staying power. LipSense is not guaranteed if sold alone without our gloss. Other glosses will break down the color.

Q: Does LipSense contain SPF?

A: LipSense does not contain SPF, but it provides a mechanical shield from the sun. Kind of like having clothes on your lips!

Q: How do you apply LipSense?

A: Start by shaking your color to make sure it is well mixed. Apply LipSense in one direction (not back and forth) to clean, dry lips. Keep lips apart and apply to more coats (for a total of 3 coats), allowing about 5 seconds to dry between each coat. Allow a full 30 seconds of drying time before applying the gloss. After applying your gloss you can rub your lips together! Keep your LipSense going all day by applying gloss, especially before eating!

Q: Why do my lips tingle when I apply the color?

A: The tingling or burning sensation is caused by the Denatured Alcohol (cosmetic grade) in the LipSense – which serves as a blender and creates a bacteria free environment in the tube. This tingling sensation is noticed more when a person has very dry lips, and will go away immediately once the gloss is applied. After using LipSense and the gloss for two weeks, the burning sensation should stop.

Q: How long will a tube of LipSense color last?

A: If used daily, a tube of LipSense will last about 5 months on average.

Q: Are there any celebrities who wear LipSense?

A: Yes! Christina Aguilera has been the most vocal advocate for LipSense, and she is known for her bright red lipstick (Blu-Red). Other celebs who wear LipSense are Jennifer Anniston, Oprah, Courtney Cox-Arquette, and many more!

Q: Can you mix LipSense colors?

A: Absolutely! Customize your look by applying a different color with each layer!

Q: How do I choose a color if I can’t try it on?

A: It’s easier than you might think! Browse the Colors page and look for shades you have been comfortable wearing in the past. You will be able to see how that color looks on real women who love LipSense, so you can visualize how it will look on you!

Q: Can I order more than one color?

A: Yes! As long as you are ordering the starter kit, that is fine. The Glossy Gloss that comes in that kit will go with all of our colors.

Q: I already have LipSense. Do I need to buy the starter kit?

A: No. If you already own a LipSense gloss then you may purchase individual colors. Take a look at the other glosses we offer, too! They are beautiful!

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: The team member you are supporting will be able to tell you when this fundraiser is expiring. Orders will ship about a week after the close date.

Q: I don’t like the color I ordered. What do I do?

A: That happens sometimes, but we want you to be happy! Contact Kristin and we will exchange it